10 Things Ella Mai Can't Live Without | GQ

Birt 14 des 2020
There are a few things English singer and songwriter Ella Mai can't live without when she hits the road. From Burt's Bees lip balm and Fenty Beauty lip gloss to her charm necklace and dog Thierry, these are Ella Mai's travel essentials.

Shop Ella Mai's essentials below. (Note: if you buy something through these retail links, GQ may earn an affiliate commission.)

Apple iPhone: apple.sjv.io/439oG
Diptyque Ambre candle: amzn.to/2GjTa7E
Burt's Bees Vanilla lip balm: amzn.to/2TLAMYx
Fenty Beauty lip gloss: amzn.to/2TK8hdB
PG Tips tea: amzn.to/386e5qy
Essentia Water: amzn.to/380PbbH
Apple Airpods: apple.sjv.io/yzM9y
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10 Things Ella Mai Can't Live Without | GQ


  • I thought she's American

  • Ella Mai could easily be a hand model

  • She so fine

  • People said that she looks like Pete Davidson and now I can't unsee it

  • she said flavor like if she eats the lip balm

  • ugh she is so fine to me. 😩

  • Ella is so down to earth,I love her music..❤❤

  • She is so amazing ❤

  • she gotta link with digga d

  • i love when she says liuul (little) 😭

  • When Ella smiles I smile 😊. A contagious smile indeed.

  • Wifey. 😍

  • My birthday twinny twin twinn 🤍 love her

  • I love her accent 🥴‼️

  • Awee I love Ella mai! 😩😩

  • But I want you to love me so are you going to be my girlfriend or what no okay

  • Let me make you some country country tea you would be like with some country tea you wouldn't know you would never go back you would want that every time

  • I like how she value the small things l

  • Her accent 😍

  • ella mai is bae i wish i can talk to her

  • PG tips analogy was bang on!!

  • Lorth hath merthy

  • She Fs can’t live without her teeth😭

  • “Noone’s in my business” 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


  • I am Jamaican too ,I love her

  • Thank u 🙏 lord she is Jamaican

  • 😌

  • Ill subscribe for ella mai

  • all taste the same.

  • water definitely has a flavor

  • "Some water tastes like toilet water" 🤣 only REAL water sippers knows that not all water tastes the same, dumb facts 💯 and her hand tat go CRAAYY 😳

  • I want Ariana Grande to be next

    • Right, Ariana never does fun stuff like this🥺

  • Ella so find bro

  • Her name should be *Baby hair la-flare*

  • 치인다.... 한국팬들 혹시 없나요?ㅠ

  • Her accent is British and American at the same time, that's impressive 😳

  • she is so pretty 💕‼️

  • So glad niggas sleeping her cuz that leaves room for me lol

  • i lover her nails

  • Ew bruh big cringe when she said listed herself first as what music yikes.

  • Do Lauren jauregui?

  • Dustin Diamond

  • Bert I'm everywhere thanks for your purchases of my lip balm

  • is it me or almost every singer/rapper has a French bulldog lol

  • After this I will now be taking my tea bag out the cup before adding milk

  • Trust in god trust in jesus

  • God bless stay safe

  • It’s her voice on the “no one’s in my business” for me😂😂❤️

  • Wait she's British?

  • Essential water is my fav also

  • Boo said she’s Jamaican no wonder you’re beautiful as you are talented 🇯🇲🇯🇲🇯🇲

  • She’s literally my celebrity crush omg I love her

  • I want too kiss ella mai I love you ella mai

  • The dogs packing 🥳

  • you and megan have dogs

  • Ella is so pretty

  • I acctually love Ella mai me and my mom are waiting for a concert impatiently. Ella mai when are you going on tour?

  • I love her even more now that I know she's an Arsenal fan 😍

  • She’s soo leng

  • Me staring at her babyhair 🥺 she pretty🥰

  • She is my dream woman 😍

  • My Twin Gorgeous 💕😍😍

  • so where can I buy the sea moss

  • She is so amazing, unique, and beautiful 🥲💞

  • I love the way she talks

  • ella is so pretty

  • Ella's Mai is it!

  • Who else feels like we should've received this in 2019😐

    • 10 Things Ella Mai Can't Live Without | GQ Reacion!!! She Fine AsF!!!! ischats.info/fun/dMqgdZ-VfKipmG8/v-deo

  • Her voice is so calming 🥺

    • 10 Things Ella Mai Can't Live Without | GQ Reacion!!! She Fine AsF!!!! ischats.info/fun/dMqgdZ-VfKipmG8/v-deo

  • I love her 😍😍

    • 10 Things Ella Mai Can't Live Without | GQ Reacion!!! She Fine AsF!!!! ischats.info/fun/dMqgdZ-VfKipmG8/v-deo

  • Serial killer😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • 10 Things Ella Mai Can't Live Without | GQ Reacion!!! She Fine AsF!!!! ischats.info/fun/dMqgdZ-VfKipmG8/v-deo

  • I think dutchavelli and a thing with Ella

  • her voice is annoying to me

  • Nigerians drink tea a lot too

  • I swear that was an sponsorship/endorsement for Burt Bee’s @ 2:14 because recently I’ve been seeing Burt Bee’s ads on ISchats.

  • Her dog kinda looks like 40e thee french bulldogs

  • water companies actually do flavor their water with something subtle

  • Ella Mai & Rihanna on a song would be firee!! 🔥😫

  • she is special. ive never seen anybody bring a candle on here.

    • I believe Common the rapper/actor did.


  • Beautiful and The voice omg 💯😂🔥🤤

  • The beginning reminded me of Meg Thee Stallion's GQ, same dog breed passing wind 🤣


  • I wish she was my friend

  • Essential eye’em.

  • She's Jamaican knew our people where just blessed

  • I love her❤️❤️❤️❤️💯💯💯 when are y'all gonna do chris brown

  • Jaden smith would be interesting

  • The utopian cork early hurry because police rationally hover between a dark fact. coherent, clean herring

  • Bruh she fine

  • I like her hair

  • PG tips is trash...twinnings, Yorkshire, actually any other brand is better.

  • Tell her I need to holla lol

  • Is it me or she fell off

  • I'm in love. Don't @ me unless you're Ella Mai.😅

  • ischats.info/fun/qZtspICel4KfeXg/v-deo

  • Subtly strong scent

  • Ella you watching you cute mama

  • I love her🥵