How to Shape Up Your Beard (4 Step Tutorial) | GQ

Birt 26 jan 2021
About a month ago, founder of Victory Barber & Brand Matty Conrad shaved off his 10-year beard. Now that it's partially grown back, he's here to show you the tools and techniques you need to shape up a new beard in 4 steps.
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00:00 Intro
01:30 Step One: The Tools
02:08 Step Two: The Outline
07:02 Step Three: Clean Up
08:03 Step Four: Final Tips

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How to Shape Up Your Beard (4 Step Tutorial) | GQ


  • Can someone tell my the models of the tools, tryna buy them on amazon

  • RIP Asian viewers.

  • Anyone whos looking for the gold trimmer its BaBylissPRO . You're welcome.

  • '' beard '', that's more like stubble xD.

  • it's always funny when dudes rock this with their double chin.

  • The father we didn't have

  • Probably won’t see this, but if you do what razor is that?

  • My beard doesn't even grow properly and still watched the entire video

  • Please make a vid on how to use a screwdriver or basic hand tool for today's men.

  • Why I'm looking to this, until the end . . . I am a woman 😭😂😂

  • What is that high performance (gold colored?) trimmer you're using? That thing really takes care of business.

  • Your previous beard was as long as my beard a couple months back. I shaved it completely, and man I personally felt I look so much better with a beard. So now I'm growing it again, and I won't shave it.

  • Don't use shaver, instead use blade.... Shaver will spoil your skin.. You will observe tiny pimples type skin..

  • Perfectionist problem: When you try to make a perfect line and end up cutting everything.

  • I let my barber do it

  • I have no beard on my neck at all it's kinda annoying I think a little bit looks good

  • Which beard?

  • I really wanted to see more technique, unfortunately, you fast forwarded through the part that should have been close up and slower.

  • Whats the reason for not using any beard oil in the first few weeks of growth? I go clean shaven maybe twice a year and I use oil everyday regardless of length

  • What name of electrical shaver that is he using?

  • Excellent video for first time beardman. I'm 60 days into my first at 53! Was getting ready to use the trimmers and take it all down a few notches and decided to see how other men trim up. Thanks for taking the time to make a video for a new like me lol.

  • Dude u look alot better without that huge beard

  • This was actually super helpful! My beard looks so much stronger now.

  • I'm trimming my boyfriends beard for him. Its getting out of hand and he's agreed to let me trim it. I'm feeling super ready after watching this

  • This guy would slay the chicks....

  • I don't have facial hair

  • Does anyone have a link to that matte beard balm?

  • Where can I get those shavers?

  • Why does he remind me of Negan

  • Outlined my beard on day 4 of not shaving

  • Does anyone know the brand/ model for the trimmer?

  • What make is your trimmer please?

  • Softly* don't

  • Instructions unclear now i have no beard at all

  • Somebody show this to Dan Bilzerian

  • First tell me how to get a beard! im almost 30 and i still cant grow a full beard!

  • Your tutorials are so bad man

  • What kind of trimmer are you using??

  • What's that shaver? Looks nice!

  • The moment this man has taught me more Then my father ever did

  • Bir an Murat Boz sandım

  • may I ask what trimmer you are using? :)

  • Great video! Got a question about the trimmer. What brand do you recommend if you are looking for a higher quality one? (The price doesn't matter) Thanks!

  • You looks like Don Jr.. Lol

  • Can you post a link for products you used

  • As woman who isn't planning on growing a beard any time soon, I thoroughly enjoyed this.

    • Women just can't let men have their own thing can they? Gotta but in and get attention. Just leave beards for men ok?

    • Oh come on. We all know it's on your 'to do' list.

    • Haha funny

    • Did you search for it😆

  • You learn a little more everytime you trim it.

  • What trimmer is that you use

  • I wish i had a beard 😭 im 20 years old, and i cant get it to grow to a full beard

  • What razor are you using?

  • Does anyone know what kind of beard balm he is using in the video?

  • He’s a great barber for sure But naturally he would of never given himself the top line because it doesn’t look natural on him Just doing it for educational purposes

  • I use 90% alcohol as aftershave.. Guess its not recomended?

  • The gold trimmer he is using is a BaBylissPRO outlining trimmer. $175 on Amazon. I just want a shave man come on lol.

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  • Ok ms recki Martin looking like


  • I dont even have a beard why tf am I watching this😂

  • Bruh where were you all this time That slight curve technique is amazing

  • I love your trimmers and razor what brand/Make are they?

  • So, to sum up, I am doing everything right on my own for last 10years :)


  • Ricky's Gervais distant cousin teaching how to have a best beard cut. Interesting!

  • This is such a good tutorial man, I'm a straight novice that is barely looking into to trimming his beard. It's really easy to understand and the visuals help tons. Phenomenal

  • People watching this like: - in bed - not in a full screen - reading comments - if i am right, you owe me a sub bro ! ✅

  • Idk why I’m watching this , I don’t even have a beard

  • What about the top part of your mustache?

  • Anyone know the trimmer he is using?

  • Why am I watching this?! I'm a woman 😅

  • Step 1: be able to afford gold clippers.

  • My English channel

  • Who came here wanting to look like a douche with an outlined beard?

  • Really great explanation 👍🏽

  • This was truly helpful, 57 years old with my first beard. Thanx!

  • what shaver he using

  • Does someone know what trimmer he's using? Thanks so much!

  • I don't even have a beard and I never grew one and im watching this like a dummy hahah

  • Beards are like natural contouring for men, and most men look better with one. If you can grow a beard, do it.

  • You must show us the before and after on this one. I liked it by the way!

  • Never grown a beard Just stopped shaving

  • Next video...How to shape your bloody life..... please!!

  • Do it because it’s Sunnah!

  • I will never have a beard but I'm here anyways...

  • Najprosciej opalić na gazem

  • Wow unskippable 15 second ad 😑

  • Bro i dont have a beard..

  • Thanks for this video my beard was long i see your video after my beard was shaped 😂😂

  • Cool

  • Awesome ideas thanks

  • I have no beard. Goodbye.

  • Or dont care and enjoy the Wildeman look!!!!


  • What trimmer you using ?

  • I’d also like to know what length your beard is at, I steady trim mine at 9mm with my clippers almost every day

  • Guys are so feminine nowadays that they even make a beard seem so unmasculine now. Dont forget the balm ladies!

  • I should buy an electric shaver. I've been using manual shaver all the time and I never satisfied with the end result so I shaved them all.

  • Sorry, mine just doesn't grow.

  • He reminds me of Jack Milocco, the head movements and the way he speaks

  • What is the model of the trimmer he is using?