Jazz Musician Robert Glasper Breaks Down Jazz Scenes from Movies | GQ

Birt 28 jan 2021
Jazz pianist Robert Glasper breaks down jazz scenes from movies, including 'Whiplash,' 'LaLa Land,' 'Bird,' 'Miles Ahead,' 'Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,' 'Mo' Better Blues' and ''Round Midnight.'



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Jazz Musician Robert Glasper Breaks Down Jazz Scenes from Movies | GQ


  • This is an amazing music history lesson in disguise! Robert Glasper, please, do it again even without movie scenes! 👏

  • Robert Glasper is such an amazing artist.

  • I find it hilarious that he talks specifically about the boring background "smooth jazz" music phenomenon, and whoever edited this decided to absolutely BUMP some obnoxiously loud elevator music over everything he says. Like... we're you paying attention? What happened? You need some new cans so you can hear your mix properly?

  • ROBERT! Why you whispering??!! I'm over 50% volume homie. Stay jazzy tho.

  • ahh so "Bebop" is that jazzy solo that was in Park Kyung's When I'm With You, Gwichanist and INSTANT.. honestly underrated sound in kpop when its all just noise music :

  • Yes jazz yesssssssssssss i need to find this guy so i can listen to him

  • @2:18 sneaky little licc there, I see you

  • 2:18

  • They forgot the Bee Movie

  • Bird = Yardbird = chicken

  • Thanks for the reminder that I need to be practicing

  • Why did you insert frequent cuts in the explanation? I suppose this is meant to look 'dynamic' and 'modern', but in fact it is really annoying and ruins the overall impression.

  • Pity that The Cotton Club is missing out (Coppola). Other than that, it is a beautiful testimony. Thank you so much, Robert, you have grown to be some of my jazz heroes next to cats like Lyle Mays or Keith Jarrett.

  • The background music is the type of music Robert actually plays lol. It’s ironic watching folks say they need to change it.

  • The first bit about whiplash I kinda have to disagree. The context of that happening was that the drummer got tricked by the band director and he ended up running off the stage crying. Him Walking back on and taking control like that was MEANT to be a massive f*** you to the director for potentially killing his career. Of course everyone was confused that was the point. Of course that wouldn’t happen in real life. I would have loved for him to talk more about the personality of the director. But as a whole I absolutely LOVED this video. I wanna watch all the movies in the list

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  • To be honest, Miles teller didn’t play ALL the drums in that movie. You occasionally see someone else’s arms behind that kit.

  • 2:18-2:20 did i hear the lick??

  • Why the awful, cheesy background music? Ruins the video...

  • “You don’t clock out with music.” New favorite quote.

  • 2:18 he did not just sing what I think he did smh....

  • he bee bops the lick

  • This man is my hero, he’s taken my soul to Valhalla on to many occasion. Thank you sir 🙏🏾🌌

  • I hate how technology is making everyone think they are a "musician" because the can click a mouse

  • I should go practice... why am i even here?

  • Wow man, where have you been in my life? or may be the other around 😆 you just sum up Jazz in other level simple way. I have many Jazz teacher like 10 of them and never told me about this 🤔 come on man.

    • @shadowbreaks twisted evil word will never extinct till Jesus come 🙏 amitaba

    • Well no ofence but non of your teachers has hes level

  • 2:17 THE LICC

  • 2:18 almost the lick

  • Glasper definitely didnt watch whiplash. the musicians in the end scene were veteran musicians that Fletcher recruited so in the end, all of them should have definitely knew how to come in

  • 2:18 mhmmm. The 👅

  • I would be curious about his opinion on the anime called "Kids on the slope".

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  • Loved his insight on the "Jazz is dying" line. John Legend basically makes that same point in the movie: that jazz is as much about changing as it is about the music, and if Sebastian wants to really keep jazz alive, he can't try to keep it in the past.

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  • booooooooo why is this fruity guy holding his phone the whole time? put that thing down

  • Please tell me Mo' Better Blues is in here. It's the greatest jazz movie of all time.

    • @Donnie Clapp no time for it.

    • I mean, try watching the video you are taking the time to comment on?

  • Robert Glasper doesn't really does not get the recognition he deserves . True custodian of Jazz in the spirit of Herbie Hancock & Wynton Marsalis

  • Was that... The lick?

  • Not Kansas, Robert. KANSAS CITY!!!

  • I like how Robert talked about the anchorman scene, like will Ferrell was trynna actually portray jazz lmfao

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • About the captions: 30:25 onwards he is talking about "bongos", not "bungalows". Otherwise, great job in the captions!

  • When did elevators ever had music?

  • Dope💯✊🏾.

  • Nice one, Robert. ☝️😎

  • 👌🏿👌🏿♥️

  • I love how Robert starts with "that's just not true" 🤣🤣 #Everydaystrangers

  • This is great. Round Midnight is my favorite jazz movie 🎥

  • 2:18 the lick

  • Legendary dude.

  • I’m 15 jazz is my life

  • That lick at the end of his bebop solo is great :D

  • Couldn't afford adam neely

  • This is really insightful! Great vid!

  • 2:18 did he just...


  • liked the dude, i'm gonna check him out straight

  • Genuine question: how many people in New Orleans spoke English around the time jazz was created? I thought that French and English were both spoken at that time, and that several people who were important in its creation spoke French primarily (e.g Mr Jelly Roll).

  • Robert Glasper is King

  • Lllih ischats.info/fun/odegg4pipZ2jl6I/v-deo

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  • Seriously. How is there NOT jazz playing in the background of the video? Like.

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  • Man, as someone who grew up really into rock and metal, I totally understand the whole jazz purist thing. Underground 80s metal has always been my favorite but there are people who fight to the death saying only classic metal is true. And people do this for every subcategory of metal. Just like how jazz has many different styles and constantly evolves, metal has done the same thing but people will disavow a certain style because it's "not true"

  • Well, concerning water inside the flute, you can check "Hermeto Pascoal - Música da Lagoa" (translation: Lagoon Music) here on YT :)

  • No wrong notes, just bad choices

  • Just my true Hero !

  • the lick 2:18

  • He does the licc at the end of the bebop example lmao

  • Why so few movies_ Where is Kansas City? Sweet and Lowdown? Ma'Rainey's Black Bottom? Soul? and so many others? I do hope there will be a very engaging 2nd and 3rd parts following up to this video.! I really enjoyed it, so let's keep them coming..!

  • What different languages was Gosling talking about? He mean a couple Louisiana Creoles speaking French?

  • LOL he shouted out every musician on the Mo' Betta Blues soundtrack except Branford Marsalis 😂

  • 2:14 He just managed to sneak it in there

  • 2:18 was that... the lick?

  • Huge fan of Robert Glasper. Isn't Jazz a Black and Jewish creation, or was it just hugely populated by Jewish artists after its "creation?"

  • The legend is Charlie Parker loved fried chicken. Chickens were called "yard birds". Charlie Parkers nickname 'bird is short for "Yardbird". The song "Yardbird Suite" is an homage to Parker.

    • Playing Yardbird in my group right now

  • Eyyyy we got some representation now. Glasper is a LEGEND

  • Robert glasper has my last name .,

  • Can someone tell me what did he said in 25:51? He said "and they called it…", i can't hear exactly what he said.

  • Jazz is black music respect black people.

  • Hilarious! I'm not bias but I did win a grammy for this movie score...I'm here after hearing him for the first time tonight. I listen to a broad range of music and sadly hadn't heard of this gentleman until about an hour ago.

  • Damn...3 homies in Whiplash too lol

  • That’s the homie Bijan on trumpet in the intro clip

  • This guy ended his imitation of bebop with The Lick.

  • Wish he spoke more on round midnight. Easily the most true to life story about jazz!

  • I saw Robert Glasper on the title and i immediately clicked. Such a talented multi-instrumentalist, composer, musician, and all around producer👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽

  • I'm sorry but Miles Teller is not actually playing caravan

  • Bravo! I applaud having Robert Glasper break down these jazz scenes.... Robert is a legend

  • thanks for reminding me to binge listen to Robert's all albums

  • down down now lala land hehe #neededmorecolor

  • It started in Congo square

  • The bit of [indistinct] around the 25:50 mark says "the birth of the cool"

  • why did they mix this video like a jazz song

  • How do you not talk about Soul!?

  • Anyone else hear the lick at 2:17?

  • I'm not even into jazz and I love listening to this guy

  • LoL the people who started jazz are all african american? What about sicilians

  • What a g

  • I love this man