Pro Pool Player Breaks Down Pool Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ

Birt 23 des 2020
Professional pool player Tony Robles breaks down pool scene from movies and TV, including 'Boardwalk Empire,' 'Seinfeld,' 'The Color of Money,' 'The Hustler,' 'The Doll,' 'Mystic Pizza,' 'Bedazzled' and 'Poolhall Junkies.'

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Facebook: tony.robles.543
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Pro Pool Player Breaks Down Pool Scenes from Movies & TV | GQ


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  • I seen people play for $500 a ball before.... growing in a pool hall was pretty fun

  • Disappointed they didnt do the Fresh Prince episode

  • I admit i'm not a pro player but I could be one if I took it seriously enough. Not trying to brag but i'm in the top tier of players and im pretty confident i could take care of every single person posting here.

  • Efren Bata Reyes wouldve smoked any of these guys lol

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  • Pro rock watches Dwayne Johnson movies

  • (maybe it's explained after 14:35, but) if you don't have to break with the cue ball on 'that spot,' what is 'that spot' on the table FOR?

  • They called it a Balabushka in The Color Of Money but it was a Joss.... fun fact for the day lol..

  • I don't understand the last one where the guy missed the 9 ball then had another shot?

  • Elizabeth Hurley's form was actually good in that clip, I think she used supernatural powers to pot all those balls though.

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  • GQ, this is one of my favorite series! You find the greatest, informative entertaining professionals in these videos! I love them all!

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  • This is Sienfeld. It's a comedy show. Shorty cue not needed....

  • Lots of good info here

  • Tony, you are a phenomenal player and I've been following your career for years but I must correct you on the cue in "The Color of Money". It is supposed to be a Balabushka in the film but it was actually a Joss made by Dan Janes to be a replica of a Balabushka.

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  • When you think great pool, think Mystic Pizza.

  • I do not understand that last shot. I haven't seen the movie. Why did the he not let the guy shoot the winning shot?

  • Tony Robles, the Balabushka used in the movie was actually not a real Balabushka; but rather a Joss cue.

  • Awesome vid. Would have loved to see Stickmen included in the review. New Zealand movie, so might be hard for a lot of people to access, but really good pool movie.

  • Wow, GQ not only on my main page, but at the top? Weird, I never watch your junk and think your staff are mostly pedos. Down voted.

  • This guy was very informative. I did not know half this stuff. This was good episode.

  • I'd like to see him react to Venom in Guilty Gear

  • Dude is like the Yoda of pool! When they reopen I'm heading to the nearest pool hall.

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  • Shouldn't they have showed her the fundamentals of the game so that she would look like she knew what she was doing

  • @Tony Robles you ever play with a Cognoscenti?

  • Thanks for the vidoe!

  • Several things I am surprised by here: 1. for The Hustler, it is fairly common knowledge that Willie Mosconi stood in for some of the more complicated shots, surprised he doesn't know or didn't mention that 2. for The Color of Money, while in the movie, the stick is a Balabushka, the actual stick used for filming was a Joss. 3. after watching several of GQ's series like this one, I feel like this guy did a pretty poor job of looking at each piece within the context of the film/show. He took the Bedazzled shot SO seriously and went on forever explaining that that isn't possible instead of brushing it off in the context of the fact that she used her power as the devil to make them go in

  • no Fantozzi? =P

  • The Balabuska cue in this movie was actually made by Joss. Although it was called a Balabushka in the movie and did say it, it was made by Joss at the time for the movie.

  • It would be cool if someone was giving the experts on these vids a little context. For anyone who has not watched "Bedazzled" - Elisabeth Hurley is the devil, so that explains the impossible shot. Highly informative vid, I played a little pool as youngster with my friends, we knew some of the rules, no-one had any idea you need a proper technique, or we never gambled on it, but it was sure fun.

  • mark rober music?

  • So, the man professionally shooting balls for a living.

  • Great video

  • math

  • Where's Jeff Winger?

  • We used to pay call 2 shots. This one and the next one, ball and pocket. You learn to shoot shape.

  • His explanations are so clear, very enjoyable to watch and learn!

  • Billiards doesn't have pockets? Not sure about that one.

  • He needs to write a book on this subject.

  • Why are my commercials in Spanish now

  • Watched a game of snooker at the world championships. It was intense!

  • About THE HUSTLER: Willie Mosconi was Paul Newman’s coach for the film.

  • to call this man a "pro" is a bit of an understatement

  • poor mans snooker

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  • I will never understand why u can’t show off in certain sports like y’all feelings really get that hurt where its a rule or unspoken rule 🤔

  • This guy is hollywood quality through and through. Could be a made man amongst the men that have been made.

    • Daquan! Thanks so much for your kind words and support! Thanks for watching and I hope you had a fantastic weekend! 👍 😊 🎱

  • Thanks, Tony. I learned a lot about pool.

    • Thanks for watching Wilbur! I really appreciate it! Have a fantastic weekend! 👍 😊 🎱

  • What happens with the red ball at 9:31?

  • 6:21 that’s what she said

  • 28:05 Oh dang. I felt the potency. I won’t be doin that anymore mister! I promise you!

    • Zman! Thanks so much for watching and have a fantastic weekend! 👍 😊 🎱

  • Tonyyyy 😁 Glad they picked you to explain as you are the true master lol love ya Cuz 🙏🏽

    • @Tony Robles no doubt I hope to see you too cuz it's been too long

    • Jeremie, thanks so much Cuzzo! I really appreciate it and hope to see you when I visit NY! Love you guys! 👍 😊

  • Dude has the worst mustache I’ve ever seen lol

  • So hustling is just *smurfing* in pool?

  • So a Hustler is a Smurf.

  • My dad saw Minnesota Fats play once in the 1970s I think

  • Cue ball is a bit bigger than the others, correct?

    • On bar tables maybe slightly but on pro tables nah

  • Pool Hall Junkies, a sleeper of a movie & a pretty solid fin

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  • Remember when uncle phil in fresh prince hustled that guy $100 a ball?

  • Thanks Tony. I saw you in NYC many years ago in a tournament with Mike Sigel at Amsterdam Billiards.

    • Andrew! Thanks so much for watching and have a fantastic weekend! 👍 😊 🎱

  • They shouldve showed that one twilight zone episode smh

  • 22:49 the director of that movie was definitely not aware of how specifically he was gonna get called out 40 years later

  • Really like this presenter

    • Hi SonicJelly! I'm really glad you enjoyed the video. Thanks for watching and have a fantastic day! 👍 😊 🎱

  • First 8 seconds of the vid Tony: " you could die " 🤣

  • As a woman who loves to play pool, I will admit to having the men not take me seriously when playing. And I've been told to "Let the guys play, and hang out with the women." It's terrible. Lol


  • This reminds me of my dad. He was so patient trying to teach me pool. All the things Tony is saying sound exactly like those dad pool lectures back when I was a kid.

    • Hi CJ! I'm really glad to hear this brought back memories of you and your Dad! Thanks so much for watching and have a fantastic day! 👍 😊 🎱

  • sup guys I have a question who is your greatest pool player of all time?

    • Jeremiah, Efren Reyes is my personal favorite of all time in my opinion. Thanks for watching! =)

  • I thought it unnecessary to make sure a rack was nice and tight while playing 8 ball. Until this loud mouth hippie in the 80s called the 8 on break twice in a row. Since then I take racking the balls as seriously as any shot during the game.

  • Alex Azar

  • Baianinho de mauá dá um jogo bom com esse cara aí

  • Next video title feat. Myself Pro lazy person breakdown laziness in movies

  • Efren “Bata” Reyes

    • Efren is my all time favorite! Thanks for watching! =)

  • Outside the Wire

  • Tony Robles is one of the best pool players in the game and the biggest gentleman in the pool world. He has a wealth of knowledge about the game. I have known him for years and am proud to call him my friend.

    • Joe, thanks so much for the kind words and support! I really appreciate it brother! Thanks for watching and please say hi to the family for me! =)

  • My first appt I had a pool table in my living room and then throw big party like drinking and playing pool all night

  • I use to have a pool table in my house my whole life not in like ten years but growing up play pool going to bars and play

  • I play with one of them q

  • How I got into pool my first game I won and not made a ball I said that cool thank u 8 ball

  • But where the scene where Uncle Phil hustles those dudes in the bar?

    • Apparently it’s too good for something as pathetic as GQ

  • Good stuff, nice breakdown

    • Hi Daniel! Thanks for watching! I'm really glad you enjoyed the video! Have a great day! 👍 😊 🎱

  • Not gonna talk about the fresh prince billiards episode

  • Awesome video very entertaining and informative! Loved it 😍 I love this series with snipers, survivalist, it's really a great series!!!

    • Hi Derek! Thanks for watching! I'm really glad you enjoyed the video! 👍 😊 🎱

  • I know this dude 🤔 I beat him in CAROMS back in Jr. High, he brought an illegal stick 2” inches longer than the allowed scholastic rules state and I still beat him 🤷🏻‍♂️!

    • @Tony Robles’ 😎it’s my way of saying I loved the video, I learned many things I wasn’t aware of or didn’t know at all 👍🏼! I think you should keep making videos, thank you for sharing your hard earned information with us !

    • Hi Eye! 😂 😁 😀 I've only played Carom a few times in my life but I'm sure you would've beaten me even if we did play! Thanks for watching! 👍 😊 🎱

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  • The 3 cuts at 16:00 with the hand movements

  • This would be worth a watch if I had never heard of pool. Jesus explaining what a cue ball is and etc!

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  • Ahh pool, I miss the days I was stationed in Korea and going to every bar just to play pool. It was the second biggest past time on the weekend. First one is drinking.

    • Hi Hydra! Thanks for watching! 👍 😊 🎱

  • So glad I came across these videos. Always great to listen to someone wisdom and experience explain things.

    • Hi Justin! Thanks so much for watching! I'm really glad you enjoyed the video! 👍 😊 🎱

  • Wish they showed the Drake and Josh pool episode. Silly kids show i know but still would’ve been funny i think lol.

  • I"m not saying women can't play pool, but what I AM saying is that women can play in female as well as male divisions of the American Poolplayers Association, but a male can only play in male divisions. Seeing as how pool is not an inherently physical game, one can only assume that the powers that be have reason to keep that specific stipulation into the modern era.