10 Things Common Can't Live Without | GQ

Birt 9 des 2020
There are a few things Chicago icon Common can't live without. From palo santo and Green Drink to wellness shots and his vegan chef, these are Common's essentials.

A BEAUTIFUL REVOLUTION PT. 1 is available now, found.ee/Common_ABRPart1.
You can also listen Common's podcast, “Mind Power Mixtape,” here: www.audible.com/pd/Mind-Power-Mixtape-Podcast/B08N6WVZ96.
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10 Things Common Can't Live Without | GQ


  • I love Dr Bronners soap

  • 💝 a true gift to the world 🙏🏾. Always keeping it 💯

  • 7:23 big ups common

  • Health is Wealth.....Common knows!!!

  • Common = spiritual, Spiritual = Common

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  • Love it... his essentials is the Bible. Bomb... trust God.... I love it

  • Tumric is the new fad.

  • “Y’all know my credentials” I love that. Also I need a vegan chef in my life.

  • Who would have thought he was in to fairy tales.

  • ischats.info/fun/cpWhaIZpdopuh3w/v-deo

  • Paulo Santo scares off the demons if you don’t like the smell of the smoke, you have demons.

  • One time I met common in LA, John monopoly brought him by the studio house and at the time he had a really bad toothache, the guy who owned the house lined him up with a Jewish dentist and he left to go get his tooth fixed. Do you remember this common? Slim da mobsta house. I can say that common was the most humble dude I met other than John monopoly, they are so good dudes.

  • Dr Bronners soap is awesome!

  • My man. I'm all about this!!

  • ❤️Gotta love a man with his practical wisdom & kindness. He's learned what matters in life. Materialistic he's not.👏🏼👏🏼

  • Some much Common Sense!

  • Vegan is not necessarily healthy

  • Honestly, the BEST one yet.

  • A list with no electronics, no jewellery, a religious scripture and encouraging viewers to invest in themselves. I think GQ uploaded this one by mistake.

  • Commons essentials are legit. Yessir the Bible is much needed we all need God

  • Snoop Dogg: Cannabis Common: Palo Santo

  • This was actually pretty informative 👍

  • Pray For Others In Jesus Christ Name. MATTHEW 10:33 But whosoever shall deny Me before men, him will I also deny before My Father who is in Heaven.

  • I lost my job during the pandemic. I created this channel in faith believing for better for myself and the world🌎

  • You think imma wear almond cookie?

  • Dr. Bronner liquid soap is the truth and nothing but the truth. I still love and use my sensitive Dove but I start off with Dr. Bronner. My husband loves the lavender.

  • No idea who this is....but a reviewer below is correct, the man has a bible, and we are not smothered by jewelry! He'sCOOL!

  • Did he suggest to swallow this Alkaline on his vocal cords routine ?

  • When I saw a bible on the thumbnail I HAD to click. We love a man of God. Lol

  • Vegan chef ballin

  • No nonsensical jewellery or unsightly tattoos just common essentials

  • He is a handsome and spiritually conscious man. That's rare to find these days. 🦋

  • We got a lot of things in common

  • Common is a talented, smart and wonderful gentleman. Really impressed by his essentials and his lifestyle, was fortunate to meet him through my niece, Cam, his vegan chef.

  • Betty White

  • No one ever says brain, heart, lungs, or liver, or air and water lol

  • A Bible ❤️

  • These are all my essentials, excluding the nasal bottle. 😊

  • Common seems like a cool guy hes just boring

  • Holiness and Self Care.

  • "hip hop goes where WE go" ... " O yes."

  • What a smart man. Things that just make sense

  • Very true invest in your health especially in your young days . It pays huge dividends when your are old .

  • Great healthy choices! Where does he buy that immune shot?

  • Seems like a good dude to chill with

  • ♥️Good man🙏🏽

  • The first essentials' list I can 100% relate to!👏🏾

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  • Hope folks are taking notes. My man said he rather invest in his health instead of cars. Straight facts

  • This dude is the most high vibe, real, down to earth guy ever. Respect.

  • You read the Bible, Common?? Revelation 11:4’s God of the Earth is Jay Z. I know this because I got “Jesus” on my thigh BEFORE I was exposed to Revelation / Apocalypse 19:16

  • Best essentials video, fits his vibe

  • Can you have bee pollen when you’re vegan? I’m asking because I don’t know - but I do know most vegans will not have honey because it’s an animal product.

  • A whole, grown black chef as an essential. Where they do that at? What bag he put her in?

  • I think I’m in love with Common. Number one essential, his Bible. That there is a good, good man. 😍😍😍

  • Love him!

  • Ha ha, I just told my cousin the other day that I wished Common was saved AND he was my boyfriend. I like knowing that he has relationship with God; the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. But now I just need him to be my boyfriend 🤔. Lol 😂

  • I came her after watching Lamorne Morris and he said that common put him on to that specific incense

  • My man just said a vegan chef is an essential. Not sure we can all afford one of those... but you do you Common 🤙🏽

  • Where can I find that ginger shot?

  • I love it common

  • The Bible as the first essential 🙌🏽 I love that

  • Common is a real one

  • The Bible... that’s what’s up! First time EVER seeing someone pull out the Bible... much respect.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • Top 10 MC much Love Common I need that MADLIB collaboration PLEASE

  • Wish I could afford a vegan chef

  • You seem to be a good dude Common.

  • big pisces energy

  • Not interested in seeing anyone else essentials. Commons is the truth.

  • This dude has no actual talent he just looks the part 💀

  • so im essentially the broke female version of common, we have all those essential things in common, no pun lol. i mean ALL of those things i have too, is it a vegan thing? i think more of myself as WFPB rather than vegan tho imho.

  • Is he a male version on ppt LICIA keys?

  • You really leave the Bible with all those notches on your bed post?! Nahhhh son.

  • Beautiful man

  • whats that a map of?

  • it is wizard you say this then they take one off the shelf...so you can't live eh..Media Funk Cold Med in A

  • Very humble. 😊 Now i wanna hear a song thats called " im the candleman". 🎇

  • Few people are cooler than Common.

  • Lost me at bible

  • Hip Hop's go where we GO!!!! 😍 Love you Common 😘 ❤

  • Common's essentials are significantly less materialistic than other celebrities. I like the continuity.

  • Good man

  • Is this the guy who thought would kill John Wick? He tried

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  • You have to think what evil eryka badu is to twist this guys life.lol

  • Bible > 2pacs bracelet that mike epps has on these shows

  • Finally, someone with realistic essentials...🤨

  • He seems so pure and positive!

  • Wow Common likes cassava chips. lol I have a trick to teach you ..... It goes best with a spicy green mango sauce, that's how we eat it in GT. Seeing that you like Cassava is so amazing.

  • If you want a list of essentials head on over to www.goodyearweltstyles.com

  • Thank you for keeping it midwest and calling it pop!

  • he is living my dream life

  • love his energy - no ego

  • Do matthew mcconaughey

  • 🙏

  • I feel like I've known his laugh my whole life

  • Commercials for those products in his hands.

  • My Bible has been my top essential all pandemic long..