Event Planner Breaks Down Luxury Party Scenes from Movies | GQ

Birt 29 des 2020
Event planner and Founder of The Vanity Group Karleen Roy breaks down party scenes from movies, including 'Crazy Rich Asians,' 'The Great Gatsby,' 'Step Brothers,' 'Ocean's 8,' 'Office Christmas Party' and 'Meet Joe Black.'

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Event Planner Breaks Down Luxury Party Scenes from Movies | GQ


  • Where do you apply to get paid to go to parties again....

  • If gatsby spent 5mil on the party and dude celebrated literally everyday imagine having 5mil partys everyday and not caring 😂🤣😂🤣

  • this is one of my favorite breakdowns! she’s the best planner! i need her😭😭

  • her breakdown is so funny, I loved it. For me, the highlight of this was her hair, it is gorgeous

  • Little does she know the Catalina wine mixer is the biggest helicopter leasing event in the Western Hemisphere since 1997

  • 20 seconds in and i already love her personality

  • She’s terrible. In my wildest dreams, I would hire her for my future EVENT💫🤓🌺

    • ^^^^^ spell autocorrection ERROR! She’s Terrific TERRIFIC. TERRIFIC!!!!

  • I’m pretty sure they paint ship’s name on, correct me if I’m wrong. Doesn’t it just seem cheaper to do? $5000 for printing and cutting vs a 15l bucket of paint - application would say the same, some dudes on a harness😂

  • 25 m-million??

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  • I never thought I would describe someone as “competent”. This girl just seems to have everything figured out.

  • Did she just say the scene in Spectre inspired Mexico City to have a celebration for the Day of the Dead...? Was she not aware that Dia de Muertos is a thing?

  • i don't think my soul would allow me to enjoy luxury parties

  • She should have planned the ps5 release

  • the hanger party she said in the beginning was robert downey jr.’s 50th birthday party

  • I have no idea why I find this video oddly satisfying. Can’t imagine it’s just me

  • Out of all the breakdown videos, there are only 2 with women. And neither include the woman’s name in the title.

  • All the things that she said made me want to write a story on Wattpad. Ya knoooowwww...

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  • I liked this video at the :30 second mark just because of the tone of her voice and she gave us the difference between a formal event and black tie event. I’m already interested....I will hit play now.

  • Could she please do a part 2, its fascinating

  • Love her hairdo

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  • That 40 minutes flew by! Bring her back!

  • she is amazing but wtf dia de muertos was not inspired by some white movie are u kidding me?????? like why would you keep that part, it's messed up

  • Such a great lively personality! Really great vid! We should have teachers like her :)

  • i need to know how she managed to secure this job 👀

  • I think it was inspired by mexico nor the other way around

  • The static cuts are SO annoying

  • Imagine being hot to the point of being paid to go to a party? 🤣 woah

  • I think our company spend about 20,000 on our holiday party?

  • Only nitpick is that those aren’t Sikorsky helicopters. Those look like Eurocopter Dauphins. Sikorsky doesn’t have any commercial helicopters with fantail rotors (not counting the RAH-66 Comanche that got cancelled by the Army). The only one they have in that medium size is the S-76 line.

  • Great video pls follow for inspiration vids

  • Question? How much can be a tax write off?? 2021

    • All of it, it’s all expenses at the end of the day if they report it correctly

  • I watched the whole 40min without skipping😌

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  • When she comes back for a part 2, I need her to analyze "Bright Young Things".

  • Ok so that tells me the difference for men's attire but what about women's? is there a difference in style of dress for black tie vs formal? or specifics about jewelry?

  • Love this girl!!! So knowledgeable & engaging

  • I knew nothing here would be unrealistic... because Hollywood producers/directors/celebs actually have experience throwing parties like this lol.

  • The girls are a commodity you can purchase? Hmmmm.. idk about that

  • Oh and if you want to see a sample of how a high profile event is set up, watch the Chanel episode of 7 Days Out on Netflix

  • The bit about clients wanting things now regardless of timeline and restrictions is so SO REAL. 30 days is truly a blessing, but sometimes we’re given half or less and we have to make things happen.

  • If you really believe this....you're a moron

  • I came here for gatsby

  • My party budget $1000. Her party budget $25 million.

  • Am I the only Mexican who jumped at her comment for the Day of the Dead? Lady, get your facts straight, that celebration has existed for longer than your country has existed as a country, and it involved more than just a little piece of street.

  • well... i wish they did bilbos birthday...

  • Now we need her to comment on Bilbo's party!

  • "To nail polish being poured on a Persian rug" um what?? Who tf has a bottle of nail polish at a party lmaoo

  • She's incredible. I can just hear her negotiating with someone like Kanye West, someone who has a lot of ideas and is very ambitious with his visual concepts.

  • go karleen! memphis, tn raised, howard university made!

  • I need her confidence 🙃

  • WE need more of her!!

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  • So profess!

  • Lmao they’ve run out of ideas

  • When Ariana said “I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.” She probably contacted this lady somewhere in between that ahaha

  • Waaayyy more entertaining than I expected

  • 27:48 WHAT DID SHE SAYYYY the day of the dead was, and still is our biggest celebration, the movie didn’t “inspire” us to do sht 🤠✌🏼✨

  • She should have planned the U.S elections🤣

  • She gave an excellent breakdown! Loved her energy.

  • I just wanna say I love her!

  • Didn’t even realize I just watched 40 min she’s dope bring her back

  • She used the term "Chick Wrangler" and no one is talking about this. That cracked me up.

  • what about the drugs? whats the button line and who caters that?

  • "Meet Joe Black" nuf said.

  • Make her break down the Ambani wedding where Beyonce performed

  • my life goal is to make enough to have a party setup by you and your team


  • She needs her own show!! I would forever stay tuned in

  • This was amazingly detailed! I had to laugh when she talked about she wouldn't be surprised if Mexico was inspired by a James Bond movie to do a big Day of the Dead celebration. Um, I think they have it covered.

  • Don’t know how she can call a Eurocopter Dauphin, a Sikorsky. They literally look nothing alike. It’s like calling a Ford F-150 a VW beetle in terms of appearance.

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  • Now why is this so freaking entertaining to me?

  • She ROCKS!

  • “It’s a big deal in Hollywood” gurl the Met is in New York.

    • @A. Ramos oh I know. It’s just funny to me.

    • Hollywood as a term is used often in reference to the movie industry in general

  • Yes the millenary Day of the dead Parade first starte when Specter was fiming in Zócalo downton México City, I was neer there when they were shooting with the helicopter, but Day of the dead has always bren a very special Day

  • Bring her back for another interview, please! It was super interesting and informative...and she has a great personality and sense of humor

  • So, how much will it cost my brother and his fiancée to have their wedding in our dad's backyard and get it catered by a local taco truck company?

  • Part of me is like. When I'm a multimillion I'm gonna hier her. Then the other part of me is like, but I don't like people. Guess I'll just spend all my money in castles and ironman suits😂🤣

  • TIL chick wrangler was a thing. 🤦🏻‍♀️


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  • I can’t concentrate. I LOVE HER HAIR!!!!

  • I’m no event expert, but I’m Mexican and I am pretty sure the ACTUAL Day Of The Dead celebrations in my country is what inspired what we see on Spectre, not the other way around 😂 how could a Hollywood movie inspire a tradition that’s been going on for centuries???? 😂😂😂

  • I learned SO much! She makes my birthday parties look like..

  • It's VERY revealing about our culture that an attractive woman is just another product, cheaper to afford than a sticker on a boat. "Chick Wrangler" is an absolutely WILD title.

  • Woowww Karleen is amazing and the way she speaks is so professional.You can see that she is experienced and really loves her craft 💜💜

  • the fact that she knows all the aviation vehicles and the estimated rental costs. wow.

  • Spectre was inspired by OUR culture and OUR Day of the Death celebration not the other way around, what you see is what happens every year on November 1st

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  • She speaks well. I love the way she talks.

  • 40:03 So did I!

  • Aye GQ, def bring her back

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  • God, 40 mins of this? After 5 I was bored by the endless pricelist..

  • This Girl clearly knows her stuff, no question about it!

  • Never gonna watch 40 min and she didn't even talk abt wolf of wall street